504 Deal Structure
Note Rate
Eff Rate*
Land & Bldg
Furn, Fix, Equip
  Prof/Other Fees      
  Total Project      
Has this business been in operation for 2 years or more?
Will this loan finance a "special purpose" building?
Bank Int Rate
Bank Amort
Bank % of Proj
  Cash Down %   %  
  Source   $ %
  Bank Loan
  504 Loan
  Cash Down
  Total Loans  
  Mo Bank Pmt     
  Mo 504 Pmt    
  Total Pmt    
  Annual Debt    
  *The spread between the Note Rate and the Effective Rate is made up of servicing fees included in the 504 monthly payment, similar to an APR.
Fees included in gross loan amount
Guarantee fee
Funding fee
Processing fee
CDC Closing fee
Underwriter's fee
SBA 504 Portion of Project
SBA 504 Note with fees
Balance to borrower
SBA fees collected at closing:
SBA Atty fee IN 
SBA Atty fee KY
SBA Lender fee